First denialist review of Mann - published without actually reading it

Publication of Dr Michael Mann's long awaited new book The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines sends the deny-o-sphere into a spin of kneejerk punditry. First out of the traps is blogger Tom Nelson who only manages to blog that a keyword search on Kindle yielded hits for "denier" "Morano" "McIntyre" and "Watts".Yup Tom, it's a book, got words in it.

Quite how that constitutes a review is anyone's guess. But it's good enough for Watts Up With That who then urge readers not to review the book without reading it. But Anthony - that's precisely what Tom has just done.

This nonsense is continuing to barrel round the echo chamber with multiple negative reviews on Amazon from the same reviewer. Contrary to Amazon rules. A practice this blog notes climate deniers have form on.


  1. Just read a piece on SKS about this;

    The best book I have read on the subject of denial and science has to be Merchants of Doubt, a real eye opener. I have just finished Hansen's Storms of my Grandchildren - not a great read if I'm honest but I have now ordered Censoring Science which it referenced and it looks better.

    All these books get quite long positive reviews on Amazon and very short, usually ideological 1 star reviews. Very few in the middle.

  2. Lazarus,

    Storms of my Grandchildren has three 1 star reviews on Amazon, each between 123 and 140 words.

    Merchants of Doubt has eleven 1 star reviews on Amazon, ranging from 98 to 1,900 words, averaging 600 words each.