You've heard of fast food now it's fast ethics.

I normally steer clear of animal welfare issues but McDonald's are always a deserving target of anybody's ire.

McDonalds are stopping the use of gestation stalls have asked suppliers to outline their plans to phase out the use of sow gestation stalls (quite beastly cages for pregnant sows if you must know).  They tell us so in a press release here.

The take home point here is that gestation stalls were fine for McDonald's until now. But the moment McDonalds express concern about gestation stalls is the moment they garner good publicity for themselves. Before they've actually changed anything. This isn't a corporation with a conscience it's a corporation with a very clever PR strategy. It's a strategy worth emulating by making a blogpost expressing my instant distaste for McDonalds. 

H/t Grist

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