My Oil Depletion Strategy

I've just googled probably the three most important words in the language right now and got just eight results. Every government has one, every corporation will have one, and you can be damn sure every oil company has had one for a very long time, but nobody is talking about it , least not on the web.

Those words are 'oil depletion strategy' , what is it and why does it have to be kept secret? Well it does what it says on the tin - it's a strategy for when oil is depleted and less plentiful than it is right now. That is inevitable. Oil and oil derived products (that's anything made of plastic for a start) will become hugely expensive and industry which relies on oil (that's all industry) will suffer. The main reason for keeping the strategy secret so far as I can see is not to alarm the public. The inevitability of oil depletion is kept as a vague notion of pessimists. Its the old bury your head in the sand technique - don't let on you have a strategy 'cos then you're admitting there's a problem.

Well in the interests of kicking off the debate I've decided to be the first to publish my own oil depletion strategy. I don't have a nation or a multi-national to manage just have a small cottage with an overgrown garden .

1. Be aware of the problem - the film "oil smoke and mirrors" is a good start .
2. Cut down on energy use much as possible, tick.
3. Ride a bike, tick.
4. That's all I can think of right now, but keep thinking 'cos the oil price can only go up. That is based on the immutable laws of supply and demand , the very mantra of capitalism. So if a capitalist says to me we will never run out of oil I say 'liar liar pants on fire!'

Well you heard it here first, everyone's gonna need one and this may not be the best but it's the first publicly available oil depletion strategy. What's yours gonna be?

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Am I being paranoid or is it open season on conspiracy theorists right now ?