Laframboise's reviews on Amazon falsely inflated

The new IPCC bashing tome by Donna Laframboise continues to garner positive reviews on Amazon, perhaps because she has implored her followers to do so.   Alas some of Donna's shills have taken her bleating "These reviews really do matter" to heart and left multiple reviews. Naughty. say "We only allow each customer to write one review of each product set."

Update: The above just looks at Amazon But theres also the site in the U.S. Foxgoose has managed to post five star reviews on both (October 16, 2011on the US site  14 Oct 2011 on the UK site)  Martin A from Normandy posts a third five star review on the US site October 19, 2011 .

Update 20:21 pm : Andrew Montford's Hockey Stick Illusion has also seen it's positive reviews inflated by multiple postings on and MPHELPS posts five star reviews January 25, 2010 on the US site and 24 Jan 2010 on the UK site.

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