Heartland . Astroturfing ?

Taken a peek at the Heartland documents yet? Of course you have.

The most interesting of the Heartland documents appears to be the Fundraisng Plan which mentions Major Projects.  Page 19 appears to indicate an astroturfing operation .

"Heartland has been one of the most outspoken defenders of fracking in the U.S., using
Environment & Climate News, its Web sites, and its PR and GR operations to comment repeated on the issue and reach large audiences. "

The document goes on to state that Heartland plans to raise money from businesses with an interest in fracking in 2012.

We also learn in this document about the funding of Anthony Watts weather station project and numerous references to the Anonymous Donor. Heartland's ambition to get their curriculum for pseudoscience into schools through the work of Dr David Wojick, is discussed at some length.  So the question 'what shall we tell the children?' has already been asked and answered for us by right wing U.S. think tanks.

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  1. The anonymous donor and the education program are linked in the documents.

    So basically we have an unidentified multimillionaire who wants his version of climate science taught to kids and has commissioned Wojick - not a climate scientist - to do just that.