Email exchange between myself and Harold Ambler

For clarity here is the exact correspondence between myself and Harold Ambler :

Subject :  A couple of questions raised by your book
Hi Harold, Ive read the first chapter of your book (in PDF form), very interesting. I was intrigued by your statement about Antarctica that "the record maximum value for the ice occurred in 2007." Please could you tell me where did this fact come from? What do you mean by value, coverage or volume or some other measure ?
You also tell us that "One day, anywhere from ten years from now to 10,000 years from now, the inevitable slide back into full glaciation will occur" . Where does the estimate that glaciation could start as soon as 'ten years from now' originate ?
Hengist McStone

Subject Re:  A couple of questions raised by your book
 Dear Sir,

You have not read the first chapter of my book. You have read a chapter of my book, the fourth.

Neither of these facts is controversial or difficult to locate. In this one instance I have done your homework for you, but will decline future requests.

Thank you,

Harold Ambler

for Antarctic sea ice:

NSIDC shows same thing

for length of interglacials, there many sources, but the most widely cited one is

Petit et al. 1999


  1. So he's using the CO2 levels to estimate the beginning and ending of the interglacials . . . . but he doesn't think the fact that current CO2 levels are residing somewhere 100ppm north of the edge of the paper might delay said interglacial . . . the denial is strong with this one.

  2. BTW, link appears to be broken. This one works:

    1. Hi Tracker

      Cant get either of those links to work now, you can read the first couple of chapters of Harold's opus on Amazon.

      His article in huffpo trots out the ole 'CO2 lags global temperature' canard