Ivor Ichikowitz Not a very nice man

Despite never being elected to public office Ivor Ichikowitz boasts that he is part of the inner circle of the President of South Africa. Indeed he flew the President to both Azerbaijan and the U.S. in his private Boeing 727 piloted by a mercenary. So what did they talk about on their travels? We can only guess but it wasn't  world peace since Ichikowitz is an arms dealer and he's also known as 'a peddler of influence' .

Unlike most arms dealers Ichikowitz does give a fuck about what you think about him because he hired Bell Pottinger here in the UK to give his reputation a whitewash, that's the mob who've been caught red handed rewriting wikipedia entries on behalf of their corporate clients (not to mention pitching for the child labour business of the Uzbeki Cotton Industry).

Ichikowitz: Not just an arms dealer and warmonger but a sock puppeteer too

Last week blogger Tim Ireland exposed a number of fake wikipedia accounts run from computers registered to the disgraced PR firm. One of those 'Biggleswiki' contributed to the now deleted WP entries for Ichikowitz and his company Paramount Group.

So on the one hand Ichikowitz pays professionals to astroturf his public profile, cravenly removing any criticism from his wikipedia entry.  And on the other hand he's schmoozing with politicians at the very top of the decision making process to sell his weapons to kill people.  Ivor Ichikowitz is playing both ends against the middle.

Mankind is yet to invent a more inefficient method of making collective decisions than warfare. And because of people like Ivor Ichikowitz we can see why warfare is still so widely used.


  1. Thank you for this entry - I just want to be sure: you have checked your information on Ivor Ichikowitz and you are certain of everything? I ask because of his closeness to the ANC government in South Africa and the disturbing articles I have found in the South African press. Unfortunately these reports are by now old (months and even years).

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. Hi Anonymous, tell me what worries you here and I will cite sources to back anything up.

  3. lol .... jou ma se poes

  4. I have just read what a saint he is for Africa in Wikipedia. I became interested in Ivor when I saw his name with Paramount taking S.A. citizens out of C.A.R. when the rebels (freedom fighters)killed the Thirteen soldiers. Your info here is very interesting.

  5. Ivor Ichokowitz was educated at University in DRAMA and met directly is an extremely polite and affable person. Sure his business is defensive armaments sold to Sovereign States (Not Terrorists ) and he does maintain influential contacts but that is business and he is not a war monger.