Another completely unsupportable claim from Monty

Once again Andrew Montford brilliantly demonstrates why his narrative cannot be trusted . Montford scrambles a post by contrarian activist (and WGII author) Richard Tol over the IPCC nexus with national FOI laws.  Tol isn't actually reporting anything new, but Montford headlines it   "IPCC declares itself above the law" and thus another contrarian canard is born. It is however easily debunked. If the IPCC declares something there must by definition be a declaration. However Monty ignores requests to point us to the IPCC declaration he refers to. Come on now Monty, you're making it up as you go along.


  1. What Monford's silly blog post doesn't get, or want to get, is that the IPCC isn't a listed government agency in any nation. So no one make the IPCC produce documents under freedom of information because no single international act covers such an organisation.

    There is of course nothing wrong or sinister about this because people can apply to have agencies of their government produce information that they have shared with the IPCC and are relevant to it.

    Yiou can't be above a law that doesn't exist.

  2. Quite. Indeed here's a list of monty's FOI requests under UK law and the first one (Dec 16th) is about the IPCC.

  3. Hengist

    Is Lazarus your best friend in blogland?

  4. Your reading comprehension seems to be at fault here. Nobody is claiming that the IPCC has made any official announcement that they are above FOI laws. They just act that way and fail to correct people like Phil Jones:

    "In email 3249, from Dec 2008, Phil Jones says
    "According to the FOI Commissioner's Office, IPCC is an international organization, so is above any national FOI. "
    Similarly in 2440 he says
    "I've been told that IPCC is above national FOI Acts. "

    "The latter is well worth reading. He advises AR5 co-chair Thomas Stocker to delete all emails. He also advises Stocker to stick to the IPCC rules and says that they all did so with AR4! "

    I think you know where this comes from.

  5. bahamamamma Maybe you should look up the meaning of the verb to declare, it's to announce officially; proclaim.
    With reading comprehension as skewed as yours I don't figure your partisan take on the stolen emails is worthwhile.