Message for Mr Montford

I have briefly been able to view the Bishop Hill blog and catch up with the comments there, thanks to a neat little widget called HideTheIP.  Montford has now blocked my proxy IP so I don't know whether this comment (left on BH blog at approx 8.52pm 25th March 2012) has been modded , answered or deleted. 

Mr Montford,
At 9pm you asserted that I had lied about how you had reported Heartland . Well lying is a very specific allegation, if I have lied I would be delighted to apologise to you, but I am flummoxed as to what you could actually call a lie.   
The next step therefore is for you to point out the supposed lie. What are the actual words at issue ? 
It should be noted that I had already attempted to address this question before you blocked me . At 8:19 pm I asked if you would care to enlarge on your characterisation of my contributions as 'dishonest'.  You have not done so . 
I have to also observe that despite blocking me from access to your blog last night commenters here have continued to make comments about me for some time afterwards. That is hardly conducive to grown up discourse is it ?
Blocking me from reading to your blog on my PC serves no one, except of course it positions  yourself as a gatekeeper to climate skepticism .  That does not sit easily with your oft repeated claim that climate science should be more open. 
Hengist McStone

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  1. Well as you discovered there are numerous ways to view his blog but any posts from you may just get removed.

    You really should reconsider duplicating all your Monford posts on Monford specific blog as it is more likely to get noticed by those following climate debates and those on Bishops Hill - The Bishops Pill? ;-)