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Despite writing for WUWT Barry Woods seems like a nice chap. He's got a chemistry degree from a redbrick university and was my first climate follower on Twitter.  I need more than 140 characters to address some minor point. So if your name's not Barry Woods CLICK ON THIS LINK you'll find it far more interesting.

Barry, you suggested that 1 or 2 degrees of warming might result in no negative impacts, I've asked to see some science to back that up but you haven't come up with any.  OK peer reviewed science apart, I've asked for you to expand your idea, but you haven't answered me.

So your notion that negative impacts can be mitigated against positive impacts needs setting straight.  The positive impacts aren't going to be felt by the same people as the negative impacts. So one can't mitigate against the other. I suggest it belies a difference in approach between right and left because broadly the left strive for social equality and the right strive to justify social inequality. You object but you're providing no support for your stance .  Sure Canadian wheat farmers are set to benefit from AGW but I don't see that assisting the plight of climate refugees living at sea level in Bangladesh, do you ?  Give me one fair example of positive impacts mitigating against negative impacts in the real world.

* Update 11:10 am: Barry tells me he also has a Masters Degree in computer modelling/cybernetics.  And  here's Barry's considered response to this post.

* Update 2: Apparently my requests for science supporting Barry's claims have 'crossed over the line' and Barry has blocked me on Twitter. 

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