What are Fox Expert's Scientific Qualifications?

There's not much I can add to this excellent little video , but I notice that Fair and Balanced Fox calls on Chris Horner's expert opinion (at about 3 mins in). He has a Juris Doctorate, which sounds fancy but it's a legal qualification. I wonder what his scientific qualifications are.

Dear Dr Horner,
I am a Wikipedia and Sourcewatch editor and was wondering if you could supply me with a little information about yourself that is relevant to our profiles of you.
What are your scientific qualifications? Which Institutions awarded them, when?
I’ve viewed both your Heartland Institute and Competitive Enterprise Institute profile pages and neither of them list any scientific qualifications at all. Your frequent contributions to Fox News on such subjects as global warming would, I suggest, carry more weight if your scientific qualifications could be added to the context of what you have to tell us.
Salutations and thanks in advance,
Hengist McStone

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  1. That is the point I was making when I commented in your last post. If this research added to the body of evidence for AGW (not that it adds anything against regardless of what Horner says), and Fox felt the need to report on it they would still have some unqualified idiot for 'balance'. Where is the climate scientist interviewed here to say what this might mean for AGW?

    Still I think the studios make-up artists has had the last laugh by their practical joke of making Horners face match his tie! :-D