SpongeBob more convincing than Morano

Two shorts from Fair and Balanced Fox News . First, today's final nail in the coffin of AGW is that SpongeBob Squarepants has come out as a warmist. Note that Fox cannot actually point to any errors in SpongeBob's worldview, just 'disputed facts', disputed by Fox that is.

To set the record straight here's Marc Morano, who sadly isn't able to keep his testimony as error free as our underwater imaginary friend . "The global warming theory is in utter collapse " spouts Marc , " you can go from A to Z from the Antarctic to the Arctic ..." Ok Marc's spelling is a little shaky but what about his science?   "They're now saying chinese coal will save us from global warming" attests Marc, in fact what scientists are really saying is that chinese coal is so polluting it will blot out the sun for a while.  Marc goes on...  "scientists are predicting cooling from the sunspot cycle" , yes but that doesn't mitigate carbon based warming.

Oh and Marc, Richard Tol is not a climate scientist like you suggest, his field of learning is the dismal science of economics, oh,  what's the point ?

Hat tip : Bob Ward

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  1. Don't Ya just love Fox News? How do they get away with such unbalanced reporting and using totally unqualified commentators when in just about every other case when a real scientist is interviewed he is 'balanced' by some ignorant crank like Morano.