Another made up fact from anti-windfarm activists

UKIP climate advisor Ben Pile (science qualifications nil) tries his hand at propaganda filmmaking* to loud applause from the climate *skeptic* blogosphere.  But skepticism was put on hold when this howler made it through editing:

"We could see a change in surfing here as a result of this proposed development it just fills me with horror. There are some people who are going to be affected directly by the construction of these turbines out there which will lead to a reduction in the amount of energy so there'll be certain beaches mostly on the South Wales side that will actually start to notice a change in the impact in the size of waves that they're getting I believe."(14:30)

I've tweeted Ben a couple of times asking to see the science to back that claim up, but no answer. So let's see what surfing activist group (yup there are active surfers) Surfers Against Sewage say "To date, there is no evidence that offshore wind farms interfere with the size or shape of waves used for surfing."

My comment pointing this out on the film's website hasn't made it through Ben's moderation. So much for debate and supporting assertions with facts.

*Lost Horizons it's here it's 30 mins long and it's rubbish.

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