Donna's Magnificent Contradiction

Touring the Lucky Country giving speeches about how wrong climate scientists are must be nice work if you can get it, but Donna Laframboise has been getting her knickers in a twist about a consensus statement on coral reefs and climate change.

Donna's beef is that not only do the scientists agree, but they display no doubt about their findings. "The statement doesn’t sound scientific, however. For one thing, the language isn’t circumspect" moans Donna.

She's written an entire blog post entitled Delusions Down Under which argues that the statement from the Center for Ocean Solutions is invalid because it is worded with certainty.  Leading to a conclusion of her own that a "magnificent self-delusion" has taken hold of the coral reef scientists.

This is the same Donna Laframboise who wrote a book dissing the IPCC consensus.  In which , musing on a favourite climate *skeptic* meme Donna wrote "it isn't terribly plausible that scientists [...] can know for certain that current temperature fluctuations aren't part of a [...] natural cycle."

So for Donna only certainty from scientists is good enough, except when scientists are certain and then it's not good at all.

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