MEPs with Nothing to Declare

It's that time of year again - Members of the European Parliaments have to declare their financial interests.  And new rules mean MEPs now have to disclose their occupations for the three years before boarding the gravy train, I mean Parliament.

The European Parliament say the new code's 'guiding principle is transparency' and 'MEPs will have to state, publicly and on line, any professional activity performed during the three years before their election, as well as any membership of any board of companies, NGOs and/or associations held during that period or currently.'

Some of our MEPs have found a novel way round the code of conduct, submit the form but with nothing written on it.  Tory Malcolm Harbour  has written nothing at all on his declaration of interests. UKIP boss Nigel Farage writes NOT APPLICABLE in answer to the European Parliament's impertinent questions.  And climate denier Godfrey Bloom writes nothing at all on his declaration and hasn't even signed it.

It's a matter of public record that Bloom was employed and on the Board of his company TBO Investments before becoming an MEP . Records from Companies House prove that.  TBO investments was fined £28000 by the Financial Services Authority for improper risk evaluation. The press release from the FSA cites that TBO's offences date from December 2001. So Bloom's failure to declare his link to TBO is not merely happenstance, he became an MEP in May 2004 three years after TBO's failings began.  That's Bloom, lying whilst staying schtum.

Link to declaration of interests for Harbour .
Link to declaration of interests for Farage .
Link to declaration of interests for Bloom .

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