Skeptic Crichton back from the dead for pseudoscience conference !

Serious scientists are set to ignore the climate skeptic conference hosted by the American Freedom Alliance . Entitled "Big Footprint: Is Green the New Tyranny" skeptic luminaries topping the bill include our ole friends Lord Monckton, Phelim McAleer and Steve Milloy , but what to make of the line up in the California Room (at 1130 on June 12th)  considering the question "Is there an Element of Religiosity to Global Warming Advocacy?" Michael Crichton  author of  "Aliens Cause Global Warming" died in November 2008 and now he's sharing a platform with TVMOB!  Ooooh the irony.

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  1. Clearly they know the chap is deceased but if they are brining him back like Lazarus ;-) for a piece on Religiosity then that will be a true miracle - praise the Lord.