A climate hero about to go on trial

What a hero. Tim DeChristopher goes on trial on the 28th of February on a Federal rap in Utah. He is facing ten years for bidding on an auction without intending to complete the purchase. According to The Times he has bought 220 acres of the Utah desert for $1.8m of imaginary money. Watch the video here. What a superb way to stuff the system. DeChristopher's account is compelling after wrestling with the notion of going to prison if he bid, he then wrestled with the notion that he would probably never get an opportunity to stop Big Oil's land grab ever again. DeChristopher won 14 lots in a row using bidder card number 70. Should be an interesting trial. Tim DeChristopher's website is here.

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  1. I hope for his sake his punishment is worth the publicity.

    BTW, good to see a flurry of recent activity on your blog.